Beyond the Hall: A Day of Conversation about Commemoration, Historic Preservation, & the Study of History

John Ahearn & the South Bronx Hall of Fame

“Delancy” on the James Fuentes Gallery, Jan. 2017. Photo by Neilson Abeel Jr..

The artist John Ahearn will be speaking on the first panel of the day, Commemoration. His South Bronx Hall of Fame consisted of “lifecast portraits” of his neighbors in the Bronx displayed on the building housing Fashion Moda in 1979.  In January 2017, Ahearn displayed an exhibit of more recent lifecasts, titled “Delancy,”  on the James Fuentes Gallery in the Lower East Side. I’ve always wondered if Ahearn know about the Hall of Fame for Great Americans when he named the project–hopefully we will get the answer on May 12.

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