Beyond the Hall: A Day of Conversation about Commemoration, Historic Preservation, & the Study of History

Gould Memorial Library–One of Seven to Save.

The Hall of Fame wraps behind Gould Memorial Library, which many people consider Stanford White’s masterwork and the “most distinguished building in the Bronx.”  White was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and the Rotunda, the library designed by Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia; Tiffany Studios designed the interior of Gould’s rotunda, which includes stained glass windows and sixteen green Connemara marble columns.  In an article in Curbed, Robert Khederian highlighted White’s “ability to pull light into almost every corner of the building. One trick he used was installing glass floors in the library stacks so light could filter from floor to floor.”

While the building is beautiful, it is need of extensive repair and renovations. In March 2016, the New York Preservation League named the building “One of Seven to Save.” The designation “draws attention to the plight of New York State’s vacant or underused National Historic Landmarks, historic communities prone to flooding, African American cultural heritage, and industrial heritage. These seven valued historic resources are in danger of disappearing because of vacancy, disinvestment, development pressure, and flooding.” In November 2015, the New York Times detailed the extensive work needed to restore the building. The Save Gould Memorial Library initiative raises funds for the preservation effort.

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